You can order all our menus in advance for min. 10 up to 100 guests per menu


 Menu 1

901 Munich Menu - Beef Broth with Vegetables    
  Knuckle of Veal from the Spit with Mushrooms,
Vegetables and Bread Dumplings
  Creme "Baveroise" on a Raspberry Sauce.     



 Menu 2

902 Hamburg Menü - Crayfish Soup with Cream    
  Roasted Duck with Red Cabbage and Croquette Potatoes    
  Red Berry Compote with Creme.    



 Menu 3

903 Marinated salmon with a Dill-mustard Sauce    
  Saddle of Veal Steak with a Sauce of wild Mushrooms and Vegetables of the Season, Duchesse Potatoes    
  Stuffed Pancake with Cherries.     



 Menu 4

904 Clear Oxtail Soup with Sherry    
  Breast of Duck in an orange Sauce with Broccoli and Almonds, Potato Gratin    
   Cinnamon Parfait with Plums.     



 Menu 5

905 Garden Salad with North Sea Shrimps    
  Tenderloin of Beef with Sauce Béarnaise and Vegetables of the Season, Potatoes Parisienne    
  Grand Marnier Parfait with an Orange Sauce.    



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